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One girl, lots of nail polish.
I love nail polish so much that I want to spread my addiction to others! At first I just posted random nail pictures, but now it's about sharing my manicures, letting you guys know which colors I love, which ones work better than others, colors I desperately want, and hearing what you have to say! Oh, and also asking the occasional question when I need help/opinions.

Always feel free to submit :)

What color polish are YOU wearing right now?!
  1. rosyyx3 answered: Fiji by Essie :)
  2. batelben answered: pink:)
  3. baezelnut answered: I JUST painted them a dark blue, with a copper sheen! gotta love new nail polish.
  4. avirlmorris answered: iCE blue
  5. sarabearforever answered: nude
  6. lillessygirl answered: tart deco .. but I’m about to change it cus I chipped them :)
  7. my-favorite-nailss answered: black and garnet! i did my nails for my school’s colors, u of south carolina :)
  8. iamamywaterhouse answered: Nude with dark metallic green french tips
  9. renrenz answered: Space Cadet - ORLY. Lots of colors.
  10. courtneysmindgrapes answered: orly royal navy
  11. alibuttons answered: China Glaze “Flyin’ High”…. it’s a really pretty turquoise!
  12. is-this-real-life-33 answered: grapevine by covergirl with one less lonely glitter on top
  13. naiilartlover answered: Essence Grand-Plié in Black.
  14. foreverrapture answered: Lincoln park after dark by OPI, im on my second bottle.
  15. hannahmariezink answered: Pink with purple glitter on my ring fingers(:
  16. deegemonster answered: Every colorrrr. Not kidding.
  17. mikecarg answered: Opi DS Original <3
  18. justagirlwholikestodream answered: pink gradient :)
  19. misspinsky answered: Lancome natural? Kinda peach lol
  20. hopelessly-optimistic answered: matte purple
  21. jasminecarrillo answered: Red!
  22. journeycalledforever answered: Grey!
  23. ohmygordh answered: a gradient with essie’s aruba blue, and forever 21 brand silver and purple! It looks hot
  24. drunkenyouth answered: white!
  25. vialacteaiv answered: orange :)
  26. amphidromic-points answered: Essie Pretty Edgy, China Glaze For Audrey, and Santee Blue Glitter :3
  27. candyrules96 answered: red with a green tip and a few black lines with a gold line and a few gold dots (: my cousion-in-law did it for eid.
  28. rosaliew answered: mermaid tears by opi and on 2 special nails aqua baby by opi
  29. thespaghettihead answered: OPI ‘Do You Lilac It’!
  30. myhooah-is-sicker answered: Garnet red and my ring fingers are cheetah print =]
  31. purr-plexed answered: Lepord print
  32. lesbolution answered: Bright blue
  33. rattyscallion answered: Rain Check - Wet ‘n Wild, Touch Me Here - Pure Ice :)
  34. onnawufei answered: Purple glitter
  35. brazilianglamour answered: A shimmery light pink colour :)
  36. xwonderfulsofar answered: Sinful colors Secret Admirer with a later of nfu-oh #51
  37. la-duchessse answered: zoya-caitlin!
  38. livefasterdieyoung answered: turquoise!
  39. g-v-c-c-i answered: American Apparel’s Passport Blue
  40. kleiner-kaktus answered: Red and gold and painted as Iron Man’s face :)
  41. lawrenciamakesmelaugh answered: white with a pink tint and blue crackle
  42. plumanisisa answered: dark reed matte with maroon tips :)
  43. babygirraffe answered: french tip so..white!haha
  44. nail-files answered: OPI nail envy - matte
  45. shedoesntevengoheree answered: OPI color so hot it berns!
  46. brixbriana answered: sparkly green/black…
  47. theocatsman answered: Black!
  48. stagebystorm answered: Purple with a purpose! by OPI

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