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One girl, lots of nail polish.
I love nail polish so much that I want to spread my addiction to others! At first I just posted random nail pictures, but now it's about sharing my manicures, letting you guys know which colors I love, which ones work better than others, colors I desperately want, and hearing what you have to say! Oh, and also asking the occasional question when I need help/opinions.

Always feel free to submit :)

Polka dots..

So I just did some polka dots on two nails, and I used the flat side of a toothpick, but it wasn’t SO easy.

What do you guys recommend to use for an easy, perfect circle polka dot?

A little over 100 away from 2,000 followers!

You guys are great! Keep your submissions and questions/recommendations coming, I love hearing and seeing what you guys have to say and of course, your manicures!

When people message you and criticize your blog over and over again…

Especially about things we don’t care about!

Let’s get nailed-itt to 1,500 followers!

You guys are amazing. Since I have nothing to do all day tomorrow, expect A LOT of nails coming your way!

I just want to say thank you,

to all of our amazing followers! Almost 1,500 and you’ve all been so great. I love your nice comments and messages. It makes me feel like being obsessed over nails and nail polish is a  good thing!

If you want to follow our personal blogs… - Amanda - Anna

I hope everyone has a great day!

If you don’t already…
Follow our personal blogs!



Time for another theme contest!

Since Easter is in a couple of days, send us your best Easter-esque nails! Doooo it!

Thanks for all your support, you guys are the best <3

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